One-touch Joint for water pipes (Wepi–joint)

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A Wepi-joint is used in water supply and heating pipe connection. This product has obtained KWWA (Korea Water and Wastewater Works Association) and KC (hygiene safety standard) certifications.
The Wepi-joint one-touch connection is the next evolution of connector design that has evolved from the first-generation welded type and second-generation compression type. This third-generation connection type does not require any welding or the use of special connection tools, so the Wepi-joint is installed easily even in narrow spaces and drastically improves workability.


Product Features


Does not require any special tools or welding when connecting, provides convenient installation even in narrow and confined areas


More cost effective

Decreases construction costs through decreased construction period


Excellent pressure and seismic resistance

Air-tightness maintained even at high pressure, reliability against vibration secured


Convenient maintenance

Pipeline is dismantled easily