Threadless conduit

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The threadless conduit without screws is a cable protection pipe used in various electrical wiring operations. The ends of the conduits are connected using snap-together connectors instead of screws, thus installation is easy.
As a type of hot dip galvanized rigid steel conduit fabricated per KS C 8401, the plain conduit is widely used in a number of countries around the world (Japan, Southeast Asia, U.S.A. etc.).
With excellent workability and economic efficiency, this is an optimal solution for new building construction and remolding projects. 


Product Features


Does not require additional screw thread processing at the conduit ends



Compared to heavy wall steel conduit, this product is lighter in weight, thus easier to handle to reduce strain on workers.


Corrosion resistance

As there are no screw threads, the possibility of irreparable corrosive damage is fundamentally prevented.


Convenient maintenance

Simple dismantling for maintenance