Smart Wiring System (SWS)

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SWS is a next generation wiring system from the conventional piping-first wiring-second installation technique. The pipeline and wiring are modular in configuration so that installation is carried out swiftly and easily as all that is required is to snap together pre-fabricated modules. Electrical coupling is accomplished using plug-in connectors so additional tools are not required. SWS has the following advantages:
Reduced construction costs by drastically shortening the wiring process
Pre-fabricated modular wiring system for convenient installation and reliable wiring
As the pipeline is not buried, impact on building structure is minimized.
Modules are reusable by simply disassembling and reassembling, thus ideal for remodeling 


Product Features

Ÿ Plug-in type one-touch wiring

Ÿ Metallic external housing that withstands strong impacts

Ÿ Nonconductive with excellent flame retardance

Ÿ Smartly marked connectors to prevent erroneous connection

Ÿ Independent external grounding system not requiring a separate grounding clamp

Ÿ Wiring system that supports three-line wiring for terminal switches

Ÿ ACF cable with excellent flexibility applied


Key Products

SWS Lighting System



SWS Electric Heating System