Aluminum clad flex cable (ACF)

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ACF is made by winding polyester tape over a cable made of general wires and sheathing it in a high-strength aluminum braided sheath.
ACF cable provides a quick and effective wiring method for new building construction or remodeling.
Compared to existing rigid steel conduits or flexible conduits, ACF has differentiated strengths as outlined below.
As an integral product with a built-in flexible conduit and insulated line, ACF does not require a separate cable lead-in operation, and thus is subject to little risk of damage.
With high reliability and convenient installation, ACF significantly reduces construction costs.
Using a reduced wall-type flexible metal conduit (UL1), it is the only metal-sheathed product in Korea to obtain UL certification. ACF does not sag, a weakness of flexible conduits, and thus eliminates the necessity of additional support. 
Using lightweight aluminum, this product is much easier to install than heavier steel products. 

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Ÿ Aerial and branch wiring

Ÿ Lighting, control and signal circuit wiring

Ÿ Exposed and buried installation

Ÿ Laying out in cable trays

Ÿ Overhead wiring using messenger wire


Product Features

Economic Efficiency

Reduced construction costs due to considerably decreased installation time from existing wiring methods

  • Existing Conduit Installation Method

    Step 1: Copious cutting, reaming, screwing, bending and coupling required
    Step 2: Wire insertion
    Step 3: Connecting and supporting the pipeline

  • ACF Cable Installation Method

    Step 1: Cutting
    Step 2: Connecting and supporting the conduit


[Comparison of Rigid Steel Conduit and ACF Installation Methods]



Excellent flame retardance satisfying all vertical tray flame test (VTFT) requirements of IEEE 383 as specified in electrical facilities standards


Excellent bending properties

No risk of damaging the cable when bending to get around corners, does not require normal bending and coupling materials


Wiring length variability

As a spreader is supplied, long-distance wiring and use in necessary lengths are possible.



The lightweight aluminum cladding makes it easier to handle than steel conduits.


Field Adaptability

ACF is installed conveniently and swiftly without additional piping or line insertion away from facility pipelines or other obstacles involving lightweight partitions and double ceilings.