Oxygen free copper

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Oxygen free copper was developed by improving on the weaknesses of touch pitch copper subject to hydrogen embrittlement and phosphorous deoxidized copper with lowered electric conductivity.
The oxygen content of oxygen free copper, made by melting and casting purified (99.5%) electrolytic copper, is less than 10ppm (as per ASTM). It is superior to general SCR in terms of conductivity, thermal conductivity and re-crystallization temperature as well as workability.
Oxygen free copper is used in various electronic/electrical devices and stereo system cables that require high efficiency, precision and durability. 


Product Features

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Item/ Spec. Grade 2
Conductor Diameter (mm) 8.0±0.38 12.5±0.38 25.0±0.9
Embrittlement (*) (times) 8 times or higher - -
Conductivity (%) 100 or higher
Oxygen Content (PPM) 10 or lower
Purity (%) 99.96 or higher
Coefficient of Extension (%) 30 or higher