Copper rod (SCR)

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GAON CABLE produces touch pitch copper by melting and casting 99.5% purity electrolytic copper. Touch pitch copper is commonly known as SCR (Southwire Continuous Rod System). The name comes from the internationally leading wire cable company, Southwire (USA), that developed the process. SCR with an oxygen content of 200~400ppm is mainly used as a conductor for cable products, such as power and communication lines.
GAON CABLE started its copper rod business in full scale in 1989 by introducing a continuous casting facility from Italy’s Properzi. Through continuous facility investment, technology development and process innovation, GAON CABLE has secured the best quality in Korea.
In addition, GAON CABLE creates products using high-purity electrolytic copper only in order to minimize electrical loss and to maintain top-level quality. 


Product Features

Copper rod (SCR) 제품특성 입니다.
Conductor Diameter (mm) 8.0±0.4 8.0±0.4
Tensile Strength (kgf/mm2) 26 or lower 26 or lower
Coefficient of Extension (%) 38 or higher 30 or higher
TTF (times) 25 or higher 25 or higher
Conductivity (%) 100 or higher 100 or higher
Oxygen Content (PPM) 200∼380 200∼400
Purity (%) 99.90 or higher 99.90 or higher