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Overhead ground wire is a metal wire installed parallel to a leading wire on top of a conductor in order to protect overhead transmission lines from lightning.
OPGW(Optical Fiber Composite Overhead Ground Wire) is made by adding optical fiber to the existing overhead ground wire to have it also be a telecommunication line. It is currently installed on many aerial lines throughout the globe. 

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Product Features

Multi-core Cable

The multi-core (up to 144 cores), which is difficult to achieve in general OPGW, enables large-capacity information transmission.


Design Variations

Various specifications such as tensile load, cable weight and ground wire etc. can be custom configured according to each application by specifying different structures and materials.


High Reliability

With optical fiber built into a flexible stainless steel loose tube (SSLT), this product has excellent tensile strength and is very stable against temperature fluctuations. Constructed with both SSLT and Al, the result is a structure that withstands external impact better than general OPGW.


Convenient Installation

Installation is safe as it requires few rotations. Laid on existing aerial lines, this product is economical as it does not require a separate construction process.


Key Products

  • High Short Circuit Capacity Type(HC)

  • High Tensile Strength Type(HS)