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XLPE insulation cable

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Global demand for extra high-voltage cables is increasing rapidly as a result of increased demand for transmission capacity. In tandem with this increased demand are also higher expectations for reliability and safety of power supply and more demand for underground installation of power networks. XLPE insulation cables are increasingly popular because they can meet such demands due to their simple connections and maintenance, excellent electrical characteristics and low cost.

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Product Features

Ÿ Excellent insulation properties

Ÿ Convenient installation and connection

Ÿ Convenient maintenance and repair

Ÿ Applicable for high voltage

Ÿ Excellent weight and thermal characteristics

Ÿ Low installation and cost of materials


Key Products

  • Lead Sheath Cable

    66/154/220kV(Copper Conductor/ XLPE Insulation/
    Lead Sheath/PE(PVC) Sheath)

  • Wire Shield Cable

    66/154/220kV(Copper Conductor/ XLPE Insulation/
    Copper Wire Shield/PE(PVC) Sheath)