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Title GAON CABLE has entered EHV market!
Date Reads 3,082

GAON CABLE developed high value-added EHV cable.
Since 2010, GAON CABLE has steadily studied EHV cable in an effort to raise the export competitiveness.

GAON CABLE has so far focused on MV and LV cables, and is now laying groundwork for diversifying market structures
through the successful entry into EHV market.

Especially, GAON CABLE aims at governmental electric power corporations in the Middle East, Oceania regions,
and is sceduled to concentrate on winning tenders for EHV cable along with MV and LV cable by a trunkey contract.

Lead Sheath Cable (66~220kV, XLPE Insulation)

Wire Shield Cable (66~220kV, XLPE Insulation)


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