Meaning of CI

In the Korean language, “gaon” literally means “the middle” but also carries with it the meaning of setting an upright and honest standard to become the best possible.
The dash between ‘Ga’ and ‘on’ is a visual interpretation of the company’s professional and technical image. It symbolizes GAON CABLE’s will to play the role as a key man opening up a prosperous future for customers as well as being a trustworthy partner.

Word Mark

The word mark is GAON CABLE’s highest symbol of visual identity. It lies at the core of the company’s desire to express itself domestically and internationally.



The logotype is a basic element of GAON CABLE’s visual image. It conveys the company’s presence clearly and proudly.



The Company’s signatures were created by combining the word mark and logotype, the key elements of GAON CABLE’s visual image identity system, based on a set of prescribed standards.
A signature is selected and used considering the application space and type of application medium. The proposed proportions and gaps cannot be changed randomly.