GAON CABLE is developing market-leading products and securing core technologies for customer value maximization.
About the Research Center

Founded in 1986, GAON CABLE’s Technology Research Center is maximizing customer values by developing high-function and high-quality products based on technological power built over the years.
In addition, Technology Research Center is leading the related industries through eco-friendly, increased-capacity and high-efficiency product development.

R&D Vision

Proposing future directions by developing differentiated technologies and products, and creating market-leading new business items

R&D Mission

To strengthen R&D competencies through keen selection and concentration

To maintain market dominance by strengthening core competencies

To strengthen existing business capabilities by developing value-added and niche items

To secure future growth engines by discovering new business items

To secure excellent human resources and develop existing human resources into elite professionals

Key Research Areas

Proposing future directions by developing differentiated technologies and products and creating market-leading new business items

Cable Development

Value-added niche item development

Basic study on increased-capacity and heat-resistant cable

Preparing a foundation for MV insulating and reduction cable development

Solutions (I)

R&D on integrated SWS wiring system development

Streetlamp wiring solution development

Study on commercialization of manual in-service ACF cable

Study on high-function, large-capacity specialized products

Solutions (II)

Study on increasing reliability of existing products by securing CAE capacity

Study for productivity improvement and cost leadership

Power Cable Solutions

Increased-capacity overhead transmission line (HTACSR, GAP)

Cables for high-speed railways (towing, messenger and control cables)

Specialty cables (towing, offshore plant and submarine cables)

Extra high-voltage cables

Communication Cable Solutions

Bend Insensitive Fiber

LAN cable solutions (UTP, FTP, STP and components)

Micro optical cable (loose tube and dry tube type ABC)

Hybrid cable (UTP-optical, UTP-coaxial and ACF-UTP-optical)

Optical cable for indoor use (FTTH, distribution, breakout)