Ethics Hotline

About the Ethics Hotline Webpage

The Ethics Hotline Webpage is where you can report unfair business handling or illegal acts of GAON CABLE employees. Management is waiting for and values your opinions as it strives to establish an ethical corporate culture, and will continue to exert its utmost for fair and transparent management based on honesty, trust and reliability.

Report Types

Peculation by employees

ŸUnfair business handling by employees

ŸDemanding or providing monetary gifts or entertainment

ŸIllegal equity participation in unlisted companies

Employees holding positions in other companies

Corruption of public morals, such as through sexual harassment

ŸOther violations of the code of ethics

Report Processing Procedures


Informant Protection Policy


In principle, informant protection is provided when an informant makes a report under his or her real name and submits accurate evidence. In addition, personal information concerning the informant and related stakeholders will be thoroughly protected

Protection Details

ŸInformant’s identity, evidence or information presented by the informant, and information implicating the suspects

Protection Policy

ŸInformant and report details are strictly protected and processed as confidential by the Internal Audit & Consulting Team. In addition, persons in charge of handling the report have taken an oath to fulfill their obligation of confidentiality.

ŸIn the event it is recognized that an informant suffered a disadvantage or untoward consequences or was punished as a result of making the report, measures of indemnity, such as for restoration or the equivalent, will be taken.

ŸIn the event employees report a corruption case they are involved in, rational treatment will be taken through sufficient extenuation.

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