Welfare and Benefits

GAON CABLE provides a range of welfare and benefit programs to help employees enjoy an affluent life.
Housing Support

ŸCompany housing for employees working in local areas

ŸSupport fund for housing purchase or rental

Support for School Expenses

Support for school expenses for employees’ children in middle/ high school and university

Support for Congratulatory and Condolatory Occasions

ŸCongratulatory/ condolatory leaves and gift money

ŸSupport for purchases of congratulatory/ condolatory

Living Support

ŸGifts for anniversaries and special occasions (birthday, Chuseok)

Discount mall for employees

Reward for long service

Support for Hobbies /
Leisure Activities

ŸCondominium, pension

ŸExtensive leave system (Off-week system))

ŸSummer holiday, Summer vacation bonus

ŸSupport for hobby clubs

Medical Support

ŸSupport for medical expenses of/for employees

ŸRegular general medical checkup for employees and their spouses (35 years of age or older)