HR System

GAON CABLE has established an environment where individual employees can display their full capacities through competency development and job assignments given according to their aptitudes. GAON CABLE motivates its employees based on its performance-centered reward system.
Basic System
Position System

Even before the prescribed term, excellent human resources are often selected for early promotion due to their proven competencies and performances.

Assessment System

GAON CABLE’s employee assessment system is comprised of performance and competency assessments. Each assessment is used when considering promotions, incentive granting and for training programs to foster human resource competencies.

Review for promotion,
selecting excellent employees,
providing opportunities for training,
granting incentives
Performance Assessment

ŸIndicators : KPI (Key Performance Indicator), CM (goal derived from strategic task)

Characteristics : Reward-oriented, result of job performance

Competency Assessment

ŸIndicators : Level at which competencies required for job or role are displayed

Characteristics : Development (fostering)-oriented

Fostering Human Resources

their personal growth and increase competencies of the organization.