Recruitment Process

  • STEP 01


  • STEP 02

    Personality and
    Aptitude Test

  • STEP 03

    First Interview
    (field-level interview)

  • STEP 04

    Second Interview
    (executive interview)

  • STEP 05


1. Document Screening

Applicants are examined for their basic qualifications and aptitude to fill positions specified in the job posting. In addition, applicants are comprehensively assessed for their abilities to handle the jobs of their choices and whether or not they have been developing themselves through diverse experiences. Based on the assessment results, interview candidates are selected.

2. Personality and Aptitude Test (LSAT)

As a tool for objectively verifying excellent human resources that are in conformance with LS’ ideal human resources, an LSAT is conducted to assess candidates for their competencies to perform the basic tasks and compliance with LS Group’s core values.

3. First Interview (Field-level Interview)

The working groups of respective departments (team leaders) interview candidates to assess their practical competencies.

4. Second Interview (Executive Interview)

Top management assesses whether or not the candidates are in conformance with the company’s values and corporate culture.