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Privacy Policy

- GAON CABLE has established and complies with the Privacy Policy below in order to fulfill privacy regulations set forth in all related laws, such as the Act on
  Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection, Etc., and the Personal Information Protection Act, to protect
  the privacy, rights and interests of users according to Article 30 of the Personal Information Protection Act and Article 27-2 of the Act on Promotion of
  Information and Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection, Etc. and to successfully handle users’ privacy-related complaints and difficulties.
- GAON CABLE will notify (or individually notify) the Privacy Policy through its website (http:www.gaoncable.com).
- Users are asked to check the Privacy Policy frequently when visiting GAON CABLE’s website.
- In the event the contents of this Privacy Policy are different from those of the individual privacy policies of each business division, the individual privacy
  policies of each business division are applied preferentially.
- Users may refuse consent to the following in relation to collection, use, sharing and consignment (collectively ‘handling’) of their personal information.
  However, in the event users refuse consent, they may not be able to use all or parts of GAON CABLE services.
- GAON CABLE’s Privacy Policy is as follows:

- This Privacy Policy enforced from April 25, 2014.

Objectives of Personal Information Handling

GAON CABLE is collecting user’s personal information within the minimum scope for the following purposes using such methods as direct input, document submission, and file upload by users. GAON CABLE has prepared a system where users can click either an ‘Agree’ or ‘Do Not Agree’ button for the contents of GAON CABLE’s Privacy Policy or User Agreements. When a user clicks the ‘Agree’ button, it is considered that the user has given his or her consent to personal information collection.

1) Collecting Users’ Opinions and Handling Complaints
- Customers’ inquiries, receiving and handling requests for data, and reports concerning ethical management
- Informing about new services and delivering notices
2) Employment
- GAON CABLE’s employment process involving job applications and screening, checking documents as a proof of qualification, checking applicants’ test results, aptitude tests, health examination, Q&A with applicants, and providing information about GAON CABLE to applicants
3) GAON Purchasing System
- Individual user and company identification for access to services
- Receiving and handling complaints and inquiries about services

Personal Information Items to Be Handled

1) Customer’s Inquiries
- Compulsory : Name and email address
- Optional : Contact information (mobile phone number)
2) Data Requests
- Compulsory: Name, email address and delivery address
- Optional: Contact information (mobile phone number)
3) Reports Concerning Ethical Management
- Optional : Name, contact information and email address
4) Employment
- Compulsory : Application category, job choice, desired place of work, name (Korean/ Chinese Characters/ English), date of birth/ gender. Email address, address of resident registration, address of current residence, telephone number (mobile phone number), photo, military service status (for males), education, cover letter
- Optional : Other employment-related information applicant entered by choice, such as the date when the applicant can start working in company, telephone number, military service status (for females), veteran status/ number, disabilities and career records
5) GAON Purchasing System
- Compulsory : Key ID, supplier name, name of person in charge, business license number, corporate registration number, email address, password, address (street number included), telephone number, business type, business item, and other identification information the respective user or company has entered for service access

※ GAON CABLE uses ‘cookies’ to save and browse users’ information frequently. A cookie is a micro-sized text file that is installed in the browser of the user’s computer by a website's server when the user consults a website. GAON CABLE uses cookies for the following purposes.

- A cookie is used to analyze users’ access frequencies and times of visits, to identify users’ preferences and areas of interest, to follow users’ traces, to examine degree of participation and frequency of visits to various events, and thus provide targeted marketing and individually customized services.
- Users have a choice about cookie installation. By selecting a web browser option, users can (1) allow all cookies, (2) check each time a cookie is saved or (3) refuse the saving of all cookies. However, when refusing cookies the respective users may experience difficulties in accessing services.
- The following is how users can set their browser to allow cookie installation (in Internet Explorer).
① Select [Internet Options] from the [Tools] menu.
② Click the [Privacy] tab.
③ Adjust the slider bar upward [Privacy Protection].

Personal Information Handling and Retention Period

GAON CABLE destroys users’ personal information without delay when the purpose of the information collection and use are fulfilled.
However, even when the purpose of collection and supply has been fulfilled, GAON CABLE can hold on to users’ personal information if it is necessary to do so pursuant to provisions of the law, such as the Commercial Act.

- In case it is necessary to keep personal information according to provisions of the law, such as the Commercial Act
- Records on Consumer Complaint or Dispute Handling : Three years
- In case the retention period has been specified or notified to users in advance through legitimate procedures
- In case users’ consent has been obtained individually

The following information is retained for specified periods for the reasons listed below.

Personal Information Handling and Retention Period
Information Period Grounds for Retention Remarks
Information in relation to collection of users’ opinions and complaint handling 3 years Company’s internal regulations and policies
Information provided by job applicants 5 years Company’s internal regulations and policies
Information provided by users to access GAON Purchasing System 3 years Company’s internal regulations and policies

However, even during the retention period, personal information will be destroyed immediately when deletion is requested by the respective users.

Personal Information Handling Consignment

GAON CABLE consigns data processing operations to an outside company as of the following in order to provide better services to its customers.

Personal Information Handling Consignment
Consignee Consignment Details
LS Global Data processing and maintenance/ user information DB system operation (data processing outsourcing)

However, detailed consignment operations by each data processing system are notified separately by the respective system.

For consignment contracts for personal information handling, GAON CABLE clearly prescribes compliance with all laws relating to:

- personal information protection,
- prohibition of personal information disclosure to a third party,
- responsibilities for handling accidents,
- consignment period, and
- return or destruction of personal information after completion of the handling operation.

GAON CABLE also stores the contracts in writing and/or electronically. In the event contents of the consigned operation change, GAON CABLE will notify the change using one or more of the methods of posting in the website, notification in writing, via email, through phone call or SMS, or any similar method.

Supply of Personal Information to a Third Party

GAON CABLE will not provide users’ personal information to the parties and organizations other than those for which the respective users have given consent.
However, exceptions apply in the following cases,

- In case users have given consent in advance,
- In case supply of personal information is requested by investigative authorities according to procedures and methods prescribed in by law for the purpose of investigation or according to provisions of the law.

Personal Information Destruction

In principle, GAON CABLE destroys personal information immediately when the purposes of collection and handling of the respective personal information are fulfilled. The procedures and methods of destruction are as follows:
1) Destruction Procedures
When the purposes are fulfilled, the respective information entered by users is stored for a set period of time and then destroyed according to GAON CABLE’s internal policies and other related laws (See Personal Information Handling and Retention Period.)
This information is not used for purposes other than retention unless specified otherwise by the law.
2) Destruction Method
- Personal information saved in an electronic file format is deleted using a technical method that prevents reproduction of the record.
- Personal information printed on paper is burned or shredded using a paper shredder.

※ ※ Member information, information of job applications, complaint handling information and other data relating to personal information in the existing website (operated until Apr. 24, 2014) were deleted immediately as thoroughly as the purposes of collection and handling were fulfilled according to the new website operation.

Information Entities’ Rights and Obligations and Methods for Exercising Them

Users, as information entities, can exercise the following rights.
1) Demand to Inspect Personal Information
Users can request to inspect personal information files held by GAON CABLE according to Article 35 of the Personal Information Protection Act (Inspection of Personal Information). When users request to inspect personal information, the information inspection can be restricted according to Paragraph 5, Article 35 of the Act.
1. In case inspection is banned or restricted by law
2. In case there is a possibility of damage/endangerment to other peoples’ lives or bodies, or unlawful infringement of other people’s properties and other interests
2) Demand Personal Information Correction and Deletion
Users can request correction and deletion of personal information files held by GAON CABLE according to Article 36 of the Personal Information Protection Act (Correction or Deletion of Personal Information). However, if personal information is specified as a target of collection by other laws, deletion of the information cannot be requested.
3) Demand Personal Information Handling Suspension
Users can request suspension of the handling of personal information files held by GAON CABLE according to Article 37 of the Personal Information Protection Act (Suspension, etc. from Handling Personal Information). A request for personal information handling suspension can be refused according to Paragraph 2, Article 37 of the Act.
1. In case there are special provisions in law or it is inevitable to do so to comply with obligations specified in law.
2. In case there is a possibility of damage/endangerment to other peoples’ lives or bodies, or unlawful infringement of other people’s properties and other interests
3. In case fulfillment of a contract, such as to provide the contracted service to an information entity, becomes difficult unless personal information is handled, for which the information entity has not clearly notified his/her intention to revoke the contract concerned
4) Protect Personal Information of Children Aged Less than 14
1. GAON CABLE, in principle, does not collect personal information if the respective user is a child aged less than 14.
2. In the event personal information of a child aged less than 14 has been collected inevitably for the purpose of a service, GAON CABLE will obtain consent from the child’s legal representative in advance, destroy the information without delay upon completion of the service concerned, and thoroughly manage the personal information during the course of the service.
3. A legal representative of a child aged less than 14 can request inspection, correction, deletion and handling suspension of the child’s personal information to GAON CABLE.

- To inspect, correct, delete, suspend handling of or withdraw consent for personal information, please contact the division and personal information officers that receive and process personal information inspection and other requests in writing, by phone or via email. GAON CABLE, following an identification process, will process your request immediately.
- In case a user has requested correction of errors in his or her personal information, GAON CABLE does not use or provide the personal information concerned until the correction is completed. In addition, when incorrect personal information has already been provided to a third party, GAON CABLE will take measures to correct the errors by notifying the need for correction to the respective third party without delay.
- GAON CABLE asks users to prevent mishaps by accurately entering their updated personal information. Users themselves are responsible for mishaps occurring as a result of any inaccurate information they entered and may be restricted in accessing services if they enter false information or if they have been found to be stealing or inappropriately using the information of others.
- Together with the right to have their personal information protected, users have an obligation to protect themselves and to not infringe others’ information. Users are advised to exercise caution in preventing leakage of their personal information and to not damage others’ personal information including postings. If failing to fulfill such responsibility, and thus entering false information or stealing or infringing others’ information, the users concerned can be restricted in accessing services or their services will be terminated; they may also be punished according to related laws.

Measures to Ensure Safety of Personal Information

In handling users’ personal information, GAON CABLE takes all technical, administrative and physical measures necessary for securing safety as of the following in order to prevent personal information loss, theft, leakage, forgery or damage according to Article 29 of the Personal Information Protection Act.
However, GAON CABLE will not assume responsibility for problems occurring as a result of personal information leaks caused by users’ negligence or problems with the Internet.
1) Internal Management Plan Establishment and Execution
- GAON CABLE establishes and executes internal management plans in compliance with the internal management guidelines of the Ministry of Security and Public Administration.
2) Personal Information Handling Officers Minimization and Training
- GAON CABLE designates and keeps the number of persons in charge of personal information handling to the minimum and is safely managing personal information by providing training to the handling officers frequently.
3) Personal Information Access Restriction
- GAON CABLE takes all measures necessary for personal information access control by granting, changing and cancelling permissions to access the database system for personal information processing, and is controlling illegal access to users’ personal information from outside by using a firewall.
4) Storage of Access Records and Forgery Prevention
- GAON CABLE stores and manages personal information processing system access records (web log and summary) for at least six months and uses security functions to ensure that the access records are not forged, stolen or lost.
5) Personal Information Encryption
- Users’ important personal information is encrypted when stored. In addition, important data is encrypted for transmission. As such, GAON CABLE employs additional security measures.
6) Technical Measures to Prevent Hacking, etc.
- GAON CABLE uses security programs and regularly inspects and updates them in order to prevent personal information leaks and damage caused by malicious hacking or viruses, etc. GAON CABLE has also established a physical security system to restrict access to critical areas from outside, and thus is technically and physically monitoring and blocking all unauthorized accesses. In addition, GAON CABLE is not only monitoring network traffic, but also actively monitoring for illegal attempts to change information.
7) Physical Measures for Safe Storage of Personal Information
- GAON CABLE has secured an additional physical storage location for its personal information system that stores users’ personal information. For this, GAON CABLE has also established and is operating access control procedures. In addition, GAON CABLE is taking physical measures for safe storage of documents where personal information is recorded, such as installing locking devices, etc.
8) Personal Information Protection Team
- Upon detecting a problem, GAON CABLE takes corrective action immediately by operating an internal personal information protection team who inspect the implementation of personal information protection measures and personal information officers’ compliance with the measures.

Personal Information Officers

GAON CABLE appoints personal information officers in order to protect users’ personal information and to handle their complaints in relation thereof. For inquiries concerning personal information, please contact either the Personal Information Protection Officer or Personal Information Manager (immediately below).

Personal Information Officers
Personal Information Protection Officer Personal Information Manager below.
Name : Kim Jin-Gap
Division : HR Team
Name : Seo Bo-deok
Division : HR Team
Email : bdseo@gaoncable.com
Tel.: +82-2-6921-3935

Departments that Receive and Process Personal Information Requests

For inquiries and requests to view personal information, please contact GAON CABLE’s personal information handling officers via email, phone or the Inquiries menu at GAON CABLE’s website.

Remedies for Infringement of Information Entities’ Interests and Rights

If your interests and/or rights concerning privacy have been violated or should you require consultation for such a case, please contact the following organizations.
- Korea Internet Security Agency Personal Information Infringement Report Center (www.kopico.or.kr / +82-2-1336)
- ePrivacy Mark Certification Committee (www.eprivacy.or.kr / 02-580-0533~4)
- Supreme Prosecutors’ Office High-tech Crime Division (www.spo.go.kr / 02-3480-2000)
- National Police Agency Cyber Terrorism Response Center (www.ctrc.go.kr / 02-392-0330)
- National Police Agency (www.police.go.kr / 1566-0112)
- Personal Information Protection Commission (www.pipc.go.kr / 02-2180-3000)

Privacy Policy Change

This Privacy Policy was put into effect from April 25, 2014 and, in the event any stipulation is added, deleted or updated according to establishment or revision of related laws, alteration in the government’s policy, or change in GAON CABLE’s internal policies or security technologies, the reasons for and details of the addition, deletion or update will be notified at least seven days in advance.
In addition, for important changes, such as in relation to personal information disclosure to a third party, or for purposes of personal information collection, use or retention period, GAON CABLE will proceed with such changes only after obtaining each individual user’s consent.

Privacy Policy Version: V 2.0
Privacy Policy Enforcement Date: April 25, 2014